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Domestic and Foreign Sales of Products Grow Together

In 2018, our company sold nearly 60,000 tons of “Rely” iron pigments, of which foreign trade sales increased by 58% year on year. After being exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe, our products have successfully entered the American market.

In recent years, the company has actively responded to the challenges brought by the changes in the market of iron oxide pigments at home and abroad, insisted on increasing both domestic and foreign trade, and expanded the market with the advantages of product quality, technology and variety. The iron oxide pigments technology developed by the company with independent intellectual property rights not only extends the industrial chain, promotes the scale and intensive development of the “Rely” iron pigments, but also plays a leading role in promoting the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries and accelerating the scientific and technological progress of the iron pigments industry. At the same time, with the help of large-scale pigments exhibition platform at home and abroad, we actively promote the “Rely” brand iron pigments to domestic and foreign merchants, and improve the reputation and popularity of the products.

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