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One “technology” and no “dust” in Iron oxide yellow workshop

Recently, the iron oxide yellow workshop of our company reformed the dust removal device of the post-treatment dry tail gas, saying “Bye Bye” to the small amount of dust contained in the dry tail gas in the past.

Previously, in the post-treatment process of iron oxide yellow pigment production in the workshop, two sets of paddle drying systems were used to heat dry the product. Although the effect of rapid drying could be achieved, more or less dust would be entrained in the drying process and discharged with the tail gas, which is not conducive to the occupational health and safety of operators, but also affects the site environmental health. In this regard, the workshop organized technical force for on-site “consultation”, decided to add water dedusting absorption device on the original paddle drying system, change the tail gas dedusting device to water dedusting absorption, and then discharge after the separation of filter material and liquid. After the continuous operation and real-time monitoring in the near future, the absorption effect of the tail gas device is good and the emission is up to the standard.

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