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“Temporary commando” in iron oxide black workshop

On June 6, the solar term of Grain in Ear was entered, and the highest temperature reached 35 ℃. In our company’s iron oxide black workshop, a “temporary commando” composed of workshop leader, technician, maintenance personnel, etc. has been carrying out maintenance and repair on the equipment to ensure safe and stable operation in summer.

At about 8 a.m., the “temporary commando” was ready to go. They overcame the difficulties of high temperature, high noise and small space in the production site, carried out the maintenance plan in an orderly manner, carefully inspected the condition of each rotating machinery and main parts, repaired and replaced the worn parts, completed the inspection and maintenance of the equipment of drying, abrasive and dust collection devices, and replaced a faulty reducer, which was safe and stable for the device for a long period Lay a good foundation for regular operation.

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