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2020~Let spring go

Recently, in order to welcome the new year, our company held the annual long-distance spring running activity, and let the brand-new flag rise slowly

As a Rayleigh people, when spring comes, they will play the work prelude of the new year with various spring welcome activities such as long-distance running

Because we know that the company is growing because of everyone’s contribution, such as sunrise in spring, which comes from the efforts of day and night

And the iron oxide industry itself is a sunrise industry, and its development also needs the perseverance of each of us

(the picture shows the passionate long run in the morning)


We are willing to use our youth and sweat to achieve our dreams. When we raise the flag, we will remember our mission with every solemn attention. We hope that in 2020, the company can carry forward the past and open up the future, and hand in better answers for the society.

(the picture shows the flag raising in the new year)




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