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Rely carries out “safe production month” activities

June this year is the nineteenth “safe production month” in the country. In order to conscientiously implement the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping, “fundamentally eliminate the potential dangers and effectively curb serious accidents”, we promote the three year action safety risk hidden danger of our company’s safety production special rectification, and carry out the investigation and rectification work smoothly. According to the “conscientiously carry out the” safe production month “in 2020, In the spirit of the notice on activities (Yu energy conservation [2020] No. 50) and in combination with the actual situation of our company, we will comprehensively carry out activities related to “safe production month” and “safe production of ten thousand miles”.

The main contents of the activity are:

1. thoroughly study and implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on safety in production.

The company is presided over by the first responsible person and preached the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important thinking on safety production, the current situation of safety in production and the applicable laws and regulations for safety production of his unit.

Rely carries out "safe production month" activities

2. Carry out safety publicity and accident case warning education activities, and solidly promote the “five progress” work of safety publicity.

(1) Create a “safe production month” atmosphere. The company and workshop hang banners on the main roads and post theme stickers; all units of the company organize to watch the warning education of accident cases on the team safety study day.

Rely carries out "safe production month" activities

(2) Hold theme blackboard newspaper competition.

(3) Carry out emergency skills training.

(4) Carry out keynote speech competition.

Rely carries out "safe production month" activities

3. Carry out the special activity of “investigation and rectification”.

(1) Carry out investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of hazardous chemicals.

(2) Carry out special troubleshooting of pressure vessels.

(3) Carry out the hidden danger investigation and control activities of the production line grassroots teams.

(4) Carry out the activity of “finding hidden dangers around”.

4. Participate in “national safety publicity and consultation day”.

On June 16, a series of activities were held to welcome the “national security publicity and consultation day” of various new media platforms. Organize all staff to participate in online “public open day”, safety experience venues 360 panoramic demonstration, safety hits, live broadcast answers, national tiktok safety knowledge contest, shaking voice “I am a safe and sensible person” topic, Sina micro-blog “safety rumors around” topics and other national activities.

5. Carry out emergency drill activities.

It is planned to organize and carry out relevant emergency drill activities on June 19. The iron oxide black workshop is responsible for organizing the emergency rescue drill of heatstroke; the iron oxide red workshop is responsible for organizing the emergency drill of dangerous chemicals leakage and poisoning.

6. Carry out safety production inspection.

The company plans to carry out a major safety (Occupational Health) inspection in the first half of the year on June 23. And before June 23, report and summarize the work safety in the first half of the year.

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