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Company profile

Company profile

Tongling Rely Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March, 2010. The company registered capital is 80 million yuan and the company is a national high-tech enterprise of production,sales, scientific research and technical service. It’s the domestic top of professional production of iron oxide pigment enterprises, and its production scale, product quality, economic benefits ranked first in the same industry in the country, and enjoys a high reputation. The company is located in the south of Tong Guan Street (No.868), Tongling City , Anhui province. The total assets of the company is 270 million, which covers an area of about 400 acres. The company’s annual production capacity of more than 60000 tons, and the total sales is 140 million yuan in 2014. In 2015 the pruduction value is expected to achieve 300 milion yuan.

The main products are iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black,iron oxide red, iron oxide brown , iron oxide orange and so on.These products are widely supplied in printing ink, papermaking, plastic and others. The products are with good dispersion, great anti-oxidation and excellent dispersion. Our products are deeply favored by the domestic customers. The company highly values standard construction and standardize the management style in the production, operation, management, brand construction and technology innovation. Our company has been awarded “Top Ten Painting Brands”, “Famous Products in Anhui Province”,”Well-known Trademark in Tongling”,” Tong Guanshan District Quality Mayor Prize”, ”Anhui high-tech enterprise”, “Provincial Innovative Pilot Enterprises”,” Engineering Technical Research Center in Anhui Province”,“Provinciall Resources Comprehensive Utilization Enterprise”, “Provincial Labour Competition Advanced Unit”,”Contracted Honour Coporation in Tongling”,”The Enterprises of the Important Strategic New Industry in Tongling”,”Hope Project of Little Giant in Tongling city”,”Three Levels of Safety Standard Enterprises”.


The quality of the products

The company always regards product quality as enterprise’s life,as well as implement total quality management. In the domestic counterparts ,it’s the first enterprise that pass the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system of three standard certification for integration of enterprise.

The company strictly follow the system requirements, examine from raw materials to finished products each link, to ensure product quality up to the national standard.The company strictly comply with commercial contract,  deliver the products on schedule, according to quantity and keep quality. Such as every batch of products are marked with the user information, for ease of identification . When the product delivered to customers, they will be tracking to collect feedback opinion until achieve customer satisfaction.

The company has established a set of scientific production management system adapt to the present enterprises’ large-scale specialized production needs .And vigorously promote the product manufacturing, enterprise information management, realizing resources sharing on the information platform from raw material procurement, production management, financial management, cost control, inventory to sales throughout the process. At the same time the company is also supporting the construction of the OA management platform, realizing the daily office automatic and integrated. In the information network infrastructure, realizing the use of 10M broadband fiber access and the fixed IP address.

Our company devotes to introducing international advanced equipment,at the same time,deepen the “6S” management, to ensure the unity of self production and terminal perfect detection on details.


Brand building

In the era of brand competition, brand is one of the intangible assets reflects the enterprise value, embodying the quality of enterprises,product quality and consumer responsibility and credibility. Rely company realized that brand building is the key to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so always adhering to the brand as the core and implementing strong brand construction investment strategy to create the one and only advantage of sustainable development in the market competition, Because our efforts, we finally has gained good benefits both in popularity and in reputation.

The company set up a “refine on, a superior brand” quality management principles, pursuing good product quality and excellent service quality. Strictly enforce the internal quality management. According to the requirements of ISO9001 quality system requirements, carrying out all-side quality management and changing a few management for all staff to actively participate in the management . Setting up integrated office,quality inspection department, equipment department, standard office quality control mechanism. There are plans to train professional quality management personnel and enrich the science and technology R & D team. Our company also joined the China Coating Association, passed the confirmation of Anhui provincial enterprises standardized good behavior, greatly improving the control ability.

In recent years, the company has gradually increased input, not only through television, newspapers, networks and other media to carry out publicity,strengthen the promotion.Every year also invite and meet new and old customers from all over the country.We communicate and negotiate with the customers about information and business, not only collecting customers’ comments on product quality and after-sale service, also feedbacking the further requirement of enhancing the Rely’s brand economy.


Technological innovation

Since 2011, we established enterprise technology center, has invested about 15 million yuan in funds for scientific research for purchase detection equipment , development of core technology and equipment with advanced domestic equipment. While introduction of more than 10 college graduates and senior technical personnel . As of now, the cumulative returns 8 invention patents, 30 utility model patents, 6 authorized utility model patents . At present, the company technology center has to apply for provincial enterprise technology center. “Method” titanium dioxide waste by ferrous sulfate preparation of iron oxide yellow pigment announced by the science and technology in Anhui province science and Technology Information Institute that in China there are no references, our technology belongs to the leading domestic technology.

The company closely around the strategic requirements of industrial upgrading and sustainable development, devoted to the research and development of new products. Through the adjustment of product structure,to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


Market development

In marketing, to occupy a greater market share, the company carried out a series of innovation, such as the combination of management. Combined with actual situation, leading customer relationship management system and sharing effective information with customers. Measures like developing incentive competition among sellers, effectively improving sellers’ professional skills, powerfully improving marketing,gaining more popularity and reputation.

Since its beginning, the company not only attend the famous coat exhibition in Beijing,shanghai,Guangzhou in groups,but also increasing the intensity of market opening abroad,attending large-scaled international exhibitions. They have taken part in the APCS in Jakarta, Indonesia, ESC in the Nuremberg,Germany and other international professional exhibitions. By means of attending exhibition,they show their powers. Also with the expansion of attending exhibition, exhibition type is transforming from merely sample exhibition to demonstration,spot test and technical exchange. Attracting foreign customers and promoting Rely’s international influence, so as to expand international market. Moreover, we stick to calling the customers about the quality at regular intervals, judging the sales condition every quarter to find regular problems to solve. Through the above work, Rely primarily know the sales rules abroad and main points of the products getting into the international market. Meanwhile, the company have developed a group sellers of experienced and are good at opening up the international market.


Talent construction

Talent strategy becomes the key role of an enterprise’s innovation capacity. Rely company always attaches importance to train high-quality employees and set up good enterprise image. Harmonious labor relations and people- first values are taken seriously in enterprise management. In addition, the company establishes a good mechanism for the talents to play their potential. Company adheres to attract talents by career, system and emotion, keeps with

respecting knowledge and talent and persists in discovering, developing and employing talents in all work. Since 2010, they have already strengthened talent introduction and training. Not only attaches great importance to talents with high level, but also with self-sufficient and practical. The trust and reuse urge them make great difference in their respective position. Our company currently employs more than 280 people, with 148 college graduation, accounting for 52.8%. Furthermore, company arranges one person responsible for cultural construction, promoting cultural concept of “ Basic five heart ” and organizing various leisure activities. Chairman and general manager attend instruction and training of the talents personally. Employees from business administration, technology and production front line continuously emerge in large numbers.


Future prospect

First- stage project of titanium dioxide waste by ferrous sulfate preparation of iron oxide has been completed by the end of 2013. The second phase probably starts in 2016. As the completion of main body, the capacity, economic efficiency and business performance of our company will increase further. Let us recollect the memorable past moments and look to the future with confidence. To make the industry of iron oxide pigments refined, strong and become first –level brand, we should hold brand awareness, adjust thinking and structure and strengthen enterprise management.

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